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Nexus combines the adrenaline of painball with the possibilities of video games to create a true first-person shooter. The Spatial Gaming Console uses advanced technology to pinpoint who shot each water pellet (nicknamed "Gellets") and who got hit. Each Gel Blaster gun dynamically changes it's stats based on the selected gun including fire rate and shot velocity in real time.

As a founder you will receive some great rewards like special edition game cards, free plays of Nexus, great discounts, and community recognition.

Founders Pack Comparison

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Packs Available: 1000 100 100
Store Credit Amount: $100 $300
Birthday Party:
Early Access Before Opening Day:
10 Free Nexus Games:
Nexus Founder's T-Shirt:
Your Name on a Banner Hanging in Venue:
Your Photo Shown on a Slideshow in Venue:
Special Edition Founder's Game Card:
10% Bonus Arcade Credit:
10% Off Nexus Games:
10% Off When Purchasing Gel Blaster:
Price: $100 $300 $375
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