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Man laying down controlling the VR Flight Simulator

VR Flight Simulator

Take your immersion to new heights! This 360° moving platform ensures you feel every movement. With experiences ranging from fantasy to modern jet fighting to even wingsuit racing, you have the choice of how you want to take to the skies.

Boy in the VR car racing machine

VR Car Racing

Whether you're craving the joy of fun power-ups in VR kart racing or the precision of high-speed turns on a street course, our VR Car Racing will show you the true meaning of immersive, adrenaline-fueled racing right at your fingertips.

Man holding a gatling gun controller with a VR headset

VR Gatling Gun

Feel the pure firepower of the Gatling Gun. Save the future or slay monsters with a rotating machine-gun meant to spit bullets at a relentless pace. You haven't experienced power like this until now.

Group of 4 in a VR cage holding gun controllers

VR Shooting Cage

Experience next-level action in this VR survival shooter, featuring 4-player co-op multiplayer. Utilize physical gun controllers within the immersive virtual cage as you battle a diverse range of enemies, from zombies to dinosaurs and beyond. Will you be able to survive the doomsday?

2 People in the CyberX Theater

CyberX VR Theater

Are you prepared to embark on adventures into uncharted territories? From the vast expanse of outer space to the depths of the underwater realm, from the brink of apocalypse to the heart of dense jungle expeditions, immerse yourself in seamless transitions between virtual and tangible realms, transcending the boundaries of imagination!.

A man riding a VR bike machine

VR Bike Racing

Speed is the name of the game. Whether you're on the asphalt or the water, you'll feel the wind fly by and the splash of each landing. Rev your engines and win the cup!

Four kids in the space VR theater

VR Space Theater

Shooting lasers from the cockpit of a spaceship, riding a roller coaster over the top of skyscrapers, swimming with fish through the ocean. These are just a few of the scenes you can experience in fully interactive 360° VR.

Kids playing with the space genie VR

VR Space Genie

Shoot enemies on futuristic rails, jam out in some rhythm games, and many more options lie in this powerful single-player machine. There's a game for everyone of all ages!

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